My ultimate fictional character chessboard!

Just a dumb little thing I’m playing with – see if you can get all of the references!

The King: Careful, prudent, tranquil fury = Remus Lupin

The Queen: Fearless multi-tasker = the 13th Doctor

Rooks: Secret Service agent = Black Widow & Eggsy

Bishops: Cunning and ruthless = Amy Dunne & L

Knights: Bold, perhaps brash = Magnus Burnsides & Valkyrie

A-pawn: shy and edgy = Gohan

B-pawn: likes to embarrass enemy pieces by suddenly making the 2-square jump = Elle Woods

C-pawn: always frustrated as he’s just off the center, sasses the enemy D-pawn continually = Stiles

D-pawn: confident, protected by powerful forces = Daenerys Targaryen

E-pawn: the ‘why me?’ guy = Marvin the paranoid android

F-pawn: runs headfirst into terrible mistakes = Vegeta

G-pawn: if this isn’t a fianchetto or some theoretical Sicilian attacking move, it was probably an error = Patroclus

H-pawn: the easiest choice = Wonder Woman



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