52 Weeks of Self-Care to help you through 2019!

  1. Come up with a four-step skincare routine to incorporate into Self-Care Sundays (the day every week that you devote to taking care of yourself)
  2. Come up with a plan for how to structure your time. Try calendar blocking or todo lists;
  3. Go to sleep an hour early (don’t forget your skincare routine!)
  4. Stretch every morning
  5. Re-read your favourite book
  6. Knit a scarf!
  7. Start a compliments file where you write down all of the beautiful/quirky/exciting things you notice about other people. Try to add something new every day
  8. Schedule an hour of MeTime a day (is the Self-Care Sunday’s skincare routine working for you? Anything you need to change up?)
  9. Walk for 20 minutes
  10. Take a picture of something beautiful and make it your laptop’s background
  11. Re-watch an old favourite comedy
  12. Write down 7 things you’re grateful for
  13. Make a list of all the things you value (check in with your task management system. Is it still working? Should you give it a clean out?)
  14. Think about someone you love and respect and write them a letter explain why (you don’t have to send it!)
  15. Do 10 pushups every morning
  16. Take yourself on an artist’s date
  17. Sing in the shower every day
  18. Do 10 squats every morning
  19. Dance to three songs in a row
  20. Make a list of every activity you can think of that you enjoy doing. Take the top three and make time for each of them next week
  21. Do 10 situps every morning. Tonight, take some extra time to really enjoy your skincare routine
  22. Do some colouring in
  23. Try a breathing exercise
  24. Go out in a low-key cosplay (check in with your task management system and change anything that’s not working for you!)
  25. Go cloud-watching
  26. When you’re eating, put down your fork between mouthfuls
  27. Fix something small that has been bugging you
  28. Be selfish. Do one thing today just because it makes you happy.
  29. Read some philosophy
  30. Hug someone every day
  31. Get some vitamin D (preferably from the sun)
  32. Do a mini-declutter
  33. Do a body scan
  34. Moisturise from head to toe (check in with your task management system while you’re waiting for the moisturiser to absorb!)
  35. Dress up in your favourite clothes for the day – regardless of who is going to see you or what you’re doing
  36. Get some essential oils and take some MeTime
  37. Take a nap
  38. Take five pictures of beautiful things. Pick the best one and make it your laptop background
  39. Compliment a stranger
  40. Find a pet (cat or dog). Pet it.
  41. Exercise a signature strength. Think about what you’re good at and find an opportunity for it today.
  42. Bake something
  43. Take yourself on a date
  44. Write a limerick or a haiku about your favourite animal
  45. Use an online tutorial to learn something new
  46. Listen to a podcast (I recommend the Adventure Zone!)
  47. Learn how to say ‘Can I pet your dog?’ in three new languages
  48. Do a de-clutter of your space, a de-clutter of your task management system, and a de-clutter of your computer (maybe take a day for each of these!)
  49. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
  50. Make a Spotify playlist based on your current mood.
  51. Come up with three new things you want to try next year
  52. Make a vision board for 2020

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