Words you didn’t know you needed to know

I’m betting that we’ve all got stories or remember times when we’ve done something from the list below. Why don’t you comment your memory and let’s see if we can bring life to these little-used words?

Absquatulate – to leave somewhere abruptly
Borborygmus – a rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines
Cacoethes – an urge to do something inadvisable
Deracinate – to tear something up by the roots
Ensorcell – to enchant or fascinate someone
Famulus – an assistant or attendant, especially one working for a magician or scholar
Gasconade – extravagant boasting
Hodiernal – of today
Ingurgitate – to swallow something greedily
Jumbuck – a sheep
Kenspeckle – conspicuous or easily recognisable
Logomachy – an argument about words
Mumpsimus – a traditional custom or notion that is adhered to although it has been shown to be unreasonable
Noyade – an execution carried out by drowning
Orrery – a clockwork model of the solar system, or the sun, earth, and moon
Pother – a commotion or fuss
Rubricate – to add elaborate capital letters (typically red ones) or other decorations to a manuscript
Snollygoster – a shrewd or unprincipled person
Triskaidekaphobia – extreme superstition about the number thirteen
Umbriferous – shady
Velleity – a wish inclination which is not enough to lead one to take action
Wayzgoose – an annual summer part and outing that used to be held by a printing house for all its employees
Xenology – the scientific study of extraterrestrial phenomena
Ylem – (the big bang theory) the primordial matter of the universe
Zetetic – proceeding by inquiry or investigation


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