Round the World in 12 Months Reading Adventure

Welcome to 2022! Hopefully it’s not a total dumpster fire again!!!

As you may know, I’ve been struggling with reading for pleasure over the past few years.

This year, I’m going to try and widen the scope of my reading. Basically, I’ve had a lot of western (British or American) literature in my TBR pile and I think I can do better. I want to see what the rest of the world is up to. I also want to keep myself on task and accountable, so I’m putting little reviews on this blog as I go.

Anyone care to join me on this Round the World in 12 Months Reading Adventure?

PS – I love writing and I love eating! If you want to help with the latter (and ONLY if you want) you can maybe buy me a coffee?  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Round the World in 12 Months Reading Adventure

  1. I’d be happy to join in, as I too have long suffered from a similar issue: difficulty in finding the same enjoyment in reading for pleasure I once had.

    Shit, until recently I had difficulty in writing for pleasure. I think it was partly induced from anxiety related to work, but to be honest I don’t feel I understand enough to comment about it.

    I’ll go have a look at my book shelves, see which Arctic authors I may find!


      1. I was thinking ‘The Discovery of Slowness’ by Sten Nadolny would be interesting, the subject is arctic exploration, however, the author is German. Does that disqualify it?

        I might have another look


      2. I don’t think the parameters need be so strict – after all, this is just a fun way to expand the reading horizon! Plus, native Antarticans (?) are a bit difficult to come by, so I think the powers that be will accept a German author for this one.

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  2. Reblogged this on Authorial Intent and commented:
    This is a fantastic idea. I’ll be following Jessica in this according to her schedule. One book a month from different locations around the world; it’s a very doable thing for even a busy person, such as myself. Join us!

    As a lifelong lover of literature I welcome any opportunity to re-engage with my favourite of pastimes.

    A bit of background: in recent years, particularly after my (catastrophic) attempts at a PhD, I’ve found myself less and less engaged with literature. Particularly fiction.


    The logical and analytical half of my mind rationalises that reading without a utilitarian end goal is pointless, that literature for the sake of literature, the exploratory nature of it, the drive that inspires creativity and imagination, these are disregarded as pointless exercises.

    My emotional and subconscious side feels anxious, possibly bringing up the traumatic (to me) feelings of failure and disaster whenever the thought of literature appears. A career path destroyed by a series of accidents, personal events, unbearable stress and unhealthy family life left me in tatters, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. The depression that came also led to a severe case of sleeping disorder, where breathing was obstructed, my body couldn’t heal, my mind spiralled further and further into despair.

    Ironically, it was at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic where I found my initial relief. Four year after my PhD hit the wall, and I had finally acquired the appropriate treatment.

    So, why am I sharing this? Sleep is important for your physical and psychological wellbeing. And, for innovation and discovery to thrive, exploration is important.

    Literature is not pointless. Reading books, reading stories, firing the imagination with the intellectual art of literature is the best thing anyone wishing to become an innovator, a leader, a thoughtful and well-rounded human being, can do.

    So, what am I going to pick for January? ‘The Discovery of Slowness’, by Sten Nadolny. I chose it for the Arctic setting, and the fact that I already have a copy of it.

    If you join us, let me know what you pick!


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