~ Free ~ Goal Setting Workbook

Welcome to the Goal Setting & Project Planning workbook that I made!

You’ve got a big idea inside of you; a goal you want to achieve, a project you want to see completed. Maybe you’ve tried to make it happen in the past and it didn’t work out, or maybe you’ve been stuck in the same phase for so long and don’t know how to get past that hurdle, or maybe you’ve stopped and started so many times that you’re not really sure what the main objective even is anymore.

This workbook is a short, very to-the-point guide for how to achieve your goals. Any goal. You want to be president? You want a billion dollars? You want a private jet? Let’s sit down together and plan out how you’re going to achieve that.

This workbook will help you lay out everything – from your resources, to your knowledge gaps, to your obstacles – so that you have concrete steps towards success. Simply read the chapters and do the exercises in the worksheets at the end of the booklet. This is a pdf, so you will be able to print multiples of the same page if necessary.

Here’s the free download

The pdf is free, but if you’d like to tip me for my work, you can buy me a coffee by clicking the image below


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