10 Things to Do Inside a Whale

  1. Enjoy the sound of moving water.
  2. Sing to yourself and enjoy the way your voice echoes off the walls.
  3. Listen to a podcast. Or, record a podcast. You’ve got your phone, right? They’re pretty much waterproof these days.
  4. Examine the tongue and count the tastebuds.
  5. Stare into the middle distance and breathe through the anxious thoughts.
  6. Work on your dissertation.
  7. Work on your watercolours.
  8. Notch the ribs to count the days.
  9. Practice gratitude – this is the first time in weeks that you’ve had a moment to yourself.
  10. Practice holding your breath.

Remember: Eat lightly before the trip. Be well rested before setting sail.

PS – I love writing and I love eating! If you want to help with the latter (and ONLY if you want) you can maybe buy me a coffee?  🙂

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 11.45.57.png

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