A short list of wonderful things

In no particular order:

  1. Finishing a project. Especially a craft project that has been sitting around your home for a while, and you’ve been looking forward to seeing what it will be when it’s done
  2. Reading a book so good that you forget you’re reading. Similarly, watching a movie or TV show so good that you forget you’re watching
  3. Soft linen
  4. Laughing to the point where you’re out of breath and your stomach hurts
  5. A sunrise you woke up for (as opposed to the kind you see because you pulled an all-nighter)
  6. A full – but not uncomfortably full – stomach
  7. Afternoon naps that don’t overstay their welcome
  8. The first sip of caffeine in the morning
  9. Wearing your favourite clothes; the ones that spark the most joy
  10. Traveling – specifically, the feeling of arriving at your destination, stepping off the plane, and knowing that you’re somewhere new
  11. Brightly-coloured sunsets
  12. Potatoes
  13. Returning to a beloved fictional universe after a long time
  14. Those bungalow hotels over water in the Maldives or Fiji, where the water so clear you can see the sand beneath
  15. Cuddling with pets. Insert obligatory pic of Edmund serving model:

PS – I love writing and I love eating! If you want to help with the latter (and ONLY if you want) you can maybe buy me a coffee? 


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