About Me

Welcome to my site, fellow explorers! I’m a freelance/ghostwriter, academic, and professional thinker. Australian by birth but based in the Japan, I love exploring places, ideas, and words.

I’ve got a couple of chapters in books, a couple of journal articles, a couple of short stories. I’ve also got a couple of books in the works for myself and for clients. I teach English literature at a Japanese university, and I have degrees in journalism, education, and creative writing. My PhD was on the representation of child abuse in children’s literature, focusing on Harry PotterThe Hunger Games, and The Hunchback Assignments as case studies. I also do the occasional ghostwriting commission for private clients.

Check out my Blog to read my ramblings or check out my Publications to see what I’ve done. You can find me on Twitter at @jessieflea. For those who are curious, ‘Flea’ is what my family calls me.

A quokka. One of the few Aussie animals that doesn’t want to kill you. Do yourself a favour and google ‘quokka selfie’. You’re welcome.