Want me to write for you?

What do I do?

I have credentials in academic and nonfiction writing, but when it comes to freelance and ghostwriting my main area is fiction. I write in all genres and I have experience in short-form novellas (10k to 30k) and longer novel series. You may have a story in your head that you’ve been wanting to get out for ages, but you haven’t had the time or training to do it. I can help you there.

have written articles for online trade mags in the past, but those will cost extra because of the time and effort involved in research. I will not write your thesis for you (yes, I have been asked to do that). I can write a letter, romantic or otherwise, if you give me details about the recipient and how you want the letter to be received.

How do I work?

Usually, I like clients to send me a brief description of the story genre, main plot points, and specific characters. Once I’ve got my head around that, we can talk about the tone (whether you’re going for a funny story or a serious, dark atmosphere), any major themes that the client may want me to highlight, and a timeline for writing. Then I get to work.

When I’m working with a client, I like to keep them involved in the process by sending them consistent updates so that they can see the narrative unfolding and offer feedback as needed. I want to create something that you can be proud of because in the end this is your story. I am just holding the pen.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the size and nature of the work. If the story is longer, then it takes more creative energy. Certain genres would also require a bit of research as well. I like to charge my clients by word count and not hours spent, so that then you know that you’re paying for the product and not the time I spent bashing my head against the desk trying to make words come out!

Who owns the work?

The client. If the client wants to credit me as the ghost, then we can come to an arrangement there, but generally speaking the client’s story will appear under their name and be their intellectual property. If you’d like, I can sign an NDA that will give you full control over the story once it is complete.

Can I see some of your stuff?

You can take a look at some of the fiction that I’ve published under my own name. I am happy to send you samples of genres that aren’t represented there. Unfortunately, I can’t link you to any of the published books that I’ve ghostwritten because of contractual obligations to those clients.